Monday, March 10, 2008

.:cousins engagement:.

why cousins? because both of them are my cousins! both of them agreed when were asked by their parents to tie the knot. all of us were very anxious and excited. 1st question that i ask my mom is, what colour are we going to wear during the wedding ceremony since both are our side :P excited right? some may said that "kuno la kawen arrange by parents". but to me when it is legitimate (halal) by Islam why should we make it illegitimate (haram)? no such thing child been produce from this type of marriage will be low in IQ. take a look at prof engku aziz. dah jadik gabenor negara pun anak dia. so like usual, mom assign me to do all the deco for hantaran *sorry guys. i didnt manage to take the pictures as im too busy till forget to take it! to zul & awin, congratulations. i bet all of us have great & good time yesterday*there goes my diet. how can i resist masakan kampung. itu baru 1/10 je dari our family berkumpul. wait till u guys big day!

sorry for the blur photo.but i love this deco tho it is simple & less. sometimes simple & less blend well

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