Tuesday, February 5, 2013

.:mcqueen syamil:.

peace be upon u & hello

there's a time when u feel like the baking momentum is low but at the same time u feel empty because u miss baking....ermmm i hope u understand what i'm trying to tell here. i do love make myself busy in the kitchen with cakes but i can't be selfish.i am maidless now and my daughter just started schooling. i have to juggle task between mom & cake maker and at the same time chauffeur. to tell the truth, it's very tiring and i'm not complaining just that i feel a tad frustrated when i have to spend less time in baking world. but inshaAllah, i will try to take order as much as i can and perhaps i need to consider those who has been asking about class. anyone?

btw, happy birthday syamil! thank you norizan for sending me those photos =)

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