Sunday, December 9, 2012

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peace be upon u & hello

no no no...don't get me wrong. i didn't take order for Durian Crepe or i prefer to call this Durian Pillow! reason? look at these small petite sweet OMG dessert. tak nampak gebu+gemok+montok ke? for your info, i'm not durian fan at all. i mean i DON'T eat durian at all. not because i dont like the taste or the smell, but i really can't take the after effect (seriously my after effect sangat teruk). therefore i don't bother at all about this sweet lil petite dessert. but after watched VC one of my friend's son eat, ya Allah. memang buat i terasa sangat-sangat nak makan and put aside my fear for the after effect.

berbaloi, sedap sangat-sangat! i don't have proper words to describe how sedap this durian pillow. she do deliver her DC but u have to always check with her when & where. her name is azza, u can view her FB or her IG @azzajijah

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