Wednesday, January 2, 2008

.:the closing of 2007:.

last order for 2007 came from my bro in law. it is for my parents in law anniversary. i couldnt recall it whether it is 43 years or more than that. he request blueberry cake. so here we go. i use 10inch cake pan and i make it two cakes and join it together. so it become 1 tall cake! which i love it so much to see tall cake :P the deco is simple because i dont want to spoil the 'purity' of the cake. the weight if this cake after frosting with fresh cream is approximately 1.8kg. the height is around 14cm and diameter is around 28cm. i used 1 whole can of blueberry and 1 whole box of fresh cream. and it has 4 layers of cakes and every layer were spread with fresh cream+blueberry.

for this cake, exactly the same measurement, the price is RM87.00

cake after been cut

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