Saturday, January 26, 2008

.: heating up the new stove:.

yeyyy finally the technician of this house came and fix the new stove. goshhhh i love the new stove from elextrolux. wish i can have 1 too! so worries no more as i can bake more at 1 time. cuma teruk la kan nak kena jaga 2 stove :P

this is 2nd time nana JPM order from me. but she requested her carrot walnut frosted with buttercream. well, customer always right. nana, next time ya i do the tiramisu cuppies. and this is the 1st time i use coloured as background of the cuppies. then shelly from bangi ordered choc moist cake. it was for double celebration (am i right shelly). i am so glad that u and your family love it. thank you so much shelly.

ordered from nana JPM

this choc moist cake is 1.6kg. for this kind of cake price is ard RM90.00

i love to do writing like this

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