Sunday, December 30, 2007

.:busy bee:.

being busy for a while in the kitchen sometimes does not allow me to update frequently my baking blog. even worst, i didnt manage to capture some of the out put! last few days, i was busy in the kitchen doing my signature cuppies (can i say my carrot walnut as my signature?? :P), which the patterns almost the same. then ina did ordered again the mini cuppies for hantaran on her brother wedding. same pattern. then, julie @ mama iman ordered 3 mini carrot walnut. julie if u read this, i am so so sorry for being careless in spelling. and i do notice that i always left my "H" but i hope the taste will be the same. thanks ya julie.

my very old friend @ my schoolmate @ SEMSAS, ordered a mix of carrot walnut & chip choc cuppies. it is her first time ordering from me. since she out of the town, so he did asked her big bor to fetch from me. while driving back to home, i receive sms from her bro & sil that makes my day! thank you misha!

misha order these for her mom

and today, i feel like loosing both of my heels after being working in the kitchen from yesterday morning until today. why? will write it in next entry as soon as i get the photos. on the other part, i put the blame on myself for not being able to check my baking email frequently. as a result, i miss 300 mini cuppies order! so sad right. tak pe la, tak de rezeki. but dear valued customer, whenever u contact me via email, do leave me ur contact number so that i can contact u guys back. or perhaps u can leave a short message at my shout box saying that u have send an email to me. boleh kan.


starting from Jan 2008, there will be few changers in pricing especially the promotion items. apart from that, there will also changers in certain items IF price for raw material in baking keep on rising! for example, pure creamy butter (i use scs butter) from RM3.70 to RM4.30 and now RM4.90! and the supplier mention to me during the last visit that it will goes up to RM5++! new listing of price will be upload soon.

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