Monday, January 21, 2008

.:bumble bee bz part 1:.

i was super busy for the past 2 days in the row. the order is not that much, but the details were very particular and i need lots of time doing this! its quite challenge for me to complete this orders since it needs 101% concentration. but frankly speaking, i love the out put! seriously in love doing this kind of order. very details but yet, soooooo cute (prasan sungguh la aku ni :P). this order were placed by my jr of SEMSAS, aida. its for he eldest son who is turning 4 years old. and the best part when i received a very happy sms said that they enjoy the cakes. next order that i need to complete at the same day, the same time is from erna. she didnt have any specific designs for me to do, but she just request to wrote something on the cuppies. sorry erna that i really forgot to put "atuk & cik adie". wanted to call @ sms her but it is 330am. tak kan nak sms kan. so i just put word happy birthday. and the last order for that day is from liza, upm. lucky me that she order the most simplest cake, that is mini carrot walnut. so that wrap up for saturday's order.

choc moist cake, 1.6kg. price for this simple deco is RM65*

since the burfday boy love BTB, i did this 'flag' because there is no more cuppies to draw the image

orange cuppies with choc ganache topping (i really love this type of cuppies, anything that orange+choc combo. serius sedap!). this is aida's order

this is erna's order

liza's order

*terms and condition apply

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