Thursday, January 31, 2008

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i was super duper tired today, not because the numbers of order. but lack of sleep due to brain disfunctional. why? goshhh sometimes decorating cuppies can be hard especially when the ideas 'ran' away. it took me about 2 hours to have these idea. sometime when customer said "up to you to deco" my respond will be "owh dear". this cuppies were ordered by hubby's friend. hope he enjoy eating the cuppies. he should or else i will feel double the tiredness!

orange cuppies frost with choc ganache & buttercream icing

then right after finish deco the cuppies, i took bath and nap. right after my nap, wake up and star deco cuppies for my lil brother. actually his burfday will be tomorrow but he's celebrating it today (as 1 Feb is public holiday for federal territory) with his friend at al quran learning centre. i bake choc moist cuppies and orange with strawberry fillings. goshhh i just love to work with wilton's icing colour. the colour turn out so smooth and nice. the best part is, my red buttercream is RED! and to tell the truth, it is really difficult to deco cuppies for boys! especially when im out of idea! finally i gave up and draw flowers :P sorry ya dik. itu je yang kak long mampu buat. to tired

i love this design the most :P cloud, sun and grasses

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