Thursday, June 26, 2008

.:treat for her:.

1st, sorry for being silent few days. i wasnt in good condition. 2nd, for delay in replying emails. i had problem with my emails and manage to get thru again my mail last nite. but being too busy last night, i wasnt able to reply it.

thank you for the nice comments regarding my enchanted jungle. some send via mail, sms and yes, @ my chatbox. it does make me happy =) and enlighten my day at least.

this order actually the night after i finished the enchanted jungle cake. but due to excitement, betul-betul lupa nk upload. saidatul, sorry ye. tapi seronok akak dapat pusing-pusing P11 hohohohhhooo serius pening kepala carik rumah saidatul. bukan sebab apa, tp signboard dah hilang! kalau tak, dah lama jumpa rumah awak tu. hepi sangat akak dengar awak cakap yang anak buah awak enjoy makan cuppies ni. thank you ya.

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