Saturday, June 14, 2008

.:flower power:.

setiap orang pasti ada bad day kan. same here. jangan ingat semua cake maker tak pernah ada buat kesilapan. yeah i did it yesterday! a lesson to learn, never ever did something when u are super duper tired and rushing. or else u will end up by throwing to the bin! never did i make mistake in making fondant. i totally forgot to incorporate the glucose and when all the process of double boiling everything is done, baru teringat. being me yang suka sangat alter resepi, i just pour in the glucose nad heat it again. skali tak jadi la...there goes my effort & more than 1kg icing sugar =(

okay let us forget bout the fondant story. ellyn (also a return customer) ordered this for her boss. and when i received her sms, i was thrilled!. alamak ellyn, i really hope ur bos tak buat mcm yg u cakap dlm sms, 1 cupcake utk 1 hari. nanti laaagi sayang kena buang as carrot walnut+cheese cream tak tahan lama =D thank you ya ellyn for the endless support

and this one pulak, from shuey (also a return customer). so which one would u like better dik. the carrot walnut @ the orange cuppies? and i really really hope those flowers meet the english theme as requested

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