Wednesday, June 18, 2008

.:from my deepest heart:.

what shall u do when u feel down? well the answer is, FRIENDS! yerp ... to me, apart from my soulmate & my queen of my heart, friends are the person that i turn to. to "you know who u are" (yerp i know ur location as well), thank you for the comment. i take note on that =) and i appreciate it.

just a small note from me. since july is just around the corner, i would like to say that starting from 12th july and onwards, i have to limit the orders as i will be back to school. and this semester, i bet it will be a disastrous for me because i need to complete my writing & there will be presentation on it at the end of semester. anyone of u guys work @ DOE or know anybody @ DOE that can help me with my research? im trying to get data about API and others that relate to environment. and inshaAllah, if i finish my study within the time line, i will further my study.... again =D someone did offer me to continues =D and please dont ask me whether will i be a cake/cuppies maker anymore. i dont have the answer. let time tell us BUT for sure i wont be a cake/cuppies maker for the rest of my life! till then... let the photos speak

owh ya im close for order from 1st - 18th july. those who already place order/s, worry not because ur order/s safely listed in my schedule =)

at least these make me happy =)

owhhh this cuppies are sooooo delicious! bukan nak puji diri sendiri. actually im not a sweet tooth person. i cant even finish 1 cupcake! percaya la..but this cupcake, my goodness! i can eat 2 at a row... this is chocolate peanut butter cuppies =D the black dot is chip choc, where as the white dot is the peanut butter chunk =D since i had plenty of time this week, i really really hope that i can try few others recipe =D but they wont be in the list ... yet =D nnt la i will make some more and and give some sample for those who live within my area =D

till fingers meet the keyboard, thank you & good night

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