Thursday, June 5, 2008

.:everything goes up:.

i guess most of us already aware and alert that petrol price will increase someday. but we never thought that it will increase by today! the big man mention somewhere around september and the other man said august. and all of sudden, it increase by today. haihhhhh! 35% pulak tu. and i bet, due to this crazy increase, others will follow to! and yes, raw materials for baking also will increaseand be aware and alert that rumors saying tariff for electricity & water supply will also increase will be true also! for a time being, i wont increase any of the cakes @ cupcakes price as listed until all raw materials mention above stable.

just would like to mention, for a time being there will be no more delivery (unless urgent matter, of course with charges) except putrajaya area.

gosh ... i hate this kindda situation and do feel like quiting from baking =( this news really a nightmare to most of us

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