Friday, June 13, 2008

.:more cuppies:.

yeah i know. i waaaaaay behind in posting my latest cuppies. well sometimes the mood to blog wasnt with me =P *what an excuse. so here we goes =D *dah tak larat nak type panjang lebar.

owhhh i love so much doing this type of flowers. naaa i dont specific nozzle. i use nozzle number 2. actually there are nozzle for this design. later on will i buy. this is ordered by nana. correct me if im wrong, nana from seremban kan. thank you ya nana

elly from kuching mention that she want the shopaholic+grads theme. thanks elly. sorry for the bad lighting =(

and this is for maria. actually she requested to have daisy & donald. but being me yang keras tangan, maka terpaksa la digugurkan 2 watak tersebut. maria, thank you ya for repeating the same flavor =)

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