Tuesday, February 21, 2012

.:Dental Service:.

peace be upon u & hello

1st please dont get me wrong ya. i didnt get any commission at all doing any advertisement in my blog. i do this because i really feel they deserve some credit for the good service been provided. as some of u know that im wearing braces somewhere in 2010. i didnt do any research regarding range price and just follow what my dentist had suggest and i end up pay damn freaking extra (i really mean it like bukan extra seratus, dua ratus. its like more than rm4k extra!!) apart from that, u have to settle all within 6 months!

recently i just figure out that my gynea's (Prof Datuk Dr Hamid Arshat) son in law ada dental clinic and it is specialist clinic. the name of that dental clinic name is Bangsar Utama Dental Specialist. i did ask the price range for doing demon metal braces and to my surprise, the cost for it is half than what i've paid to my ortho! actually i was planning to have the ceramic one (yang transparent tu) but guess what's the price? yeah almost RM15k!! dah boleh buat downpayment kereta okeh. thats why i opt for demon metal brackets.

u guys can correspond with staff via FB, HERE or to get any extra info visit their website HERE. seriously, u are not going to regret. it just that parking a tad horror if u guys go during weekdays. location? u know bangsar LRT? sebelah tu ada new building, UOB right. it just behind the building. and the easiest place to park ur car is at the UOB building. how did i know? because i just bring my daughter to their place yesterday and awesome service they gave to us! hats off to the team!!

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