Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.:qistina is 2:.

peace be upon u

notice the same image? yes, qistina's mommy, yanti, called me and request to use the same image like in my previous entry. i'm okay with that. so here we go, happy 2nd birthday qistina. semoga qistina berjaya di dunia & akhirat. thank you yanti

owh ya, the moment i captured these photos, tak letak lagi the wordings =D

slalu jugak dapat panggilan tanyakan "do u have extra cuppies"? jawapan saya, "yes i do". cuma slalu tak sempat nak deco due to penat. but inshaAllah after this, i will 'laratkan' diri untuk deco those extra cuppies. and today, i have 2 sets of 16pcs choc moist cuppies. *tengah nak siapkan la ni. normally for 16pcs sell at RM40 but today i will let it go for only RM35. do sms me ya.

both sold!

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