Sunday, December 14, 2008

.:dayang & firdaus:.

peace be upon u

was not feeling well and as expected, i was knock out last night. after chat with hanis, i switch off my lappy and set on alarm to wake up @ 3am since i have 3tiers wedding cake waited to dress up! but gosh, sedar-sedar dah jam 7am. kelam kabut sangat tau. but alhamdullilah, i manage to finish the dress up cake session without any problem =) syukran.

these set were ordered by zuma on behalf of dayang. but i feel so glad that i can meet dayang. dayang, thank you so much & congratulations on the engagement ya.


dear all, order for 1st week of Jan '09 (1-4 Jan) is close, especially date 3rd of Jan '09. please take note. thank you

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