Friday, December 26, 2008

.:adhoc orders from jane:.

peace be upon u

i must say that being work in this line is much more tiring. it does not only require u to be creative but also in good condition of physical & mentally especially. i just finished decorating 1000pcs wedding favour this morning. will tell the details in the entry ya. cuma nak bitau currently im more than zombie

jane ni kerja kat Aldo putrajaya. so sape-sape yang nak beli shuz aldo lepas ni bleh jumpa jane

the 2nd ad hoc order by jane and its for her son, dylan whos celebrating his 2nd year
jane lepas ni jangan buat mcm ni ya. i boleh kena heart attack .. huhu

and this one is the 1st adhoc order from jane for her collegue @ aldo

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