Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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peace be upon u

i can't sleep thought im very very tired. journey to and fro putrajaya-kl-putrajaya for 2 days really tiring. some more i had a serial of non stop baking since last week (bukan complaint, alhamdullilah rezeki). it just that when our body are too tired, they easily get 'rust'. and now, i suffering from the impact of rust =P mata panas, kepala berat, badan rasa macam kena tarik-tarik jer. but larat or tak larat, i must make sure all the orders are ready on the dot.

this cuppies were adhock order from a friend of mine, erna aka mommy brownies. she ask me whether i have extra cuppies or not. if yes, is it possible for her to have. the answer is, yes i always have extra cuppies whenever i bake. the reason why i never put on my blog about this extra cuppies is i'm too tired to do extra task because i normally finished my task around 3-5am.

and here it is, in less than few minutes im done with the deco and ready to go to 'move it move it danish bash'. these cuppies are for kc's hubby =D erna, thank you ya for having us at the party =D lama giler kita tak jumpa awak and the rest of the mommies. and my dear irdina enjoy giler. siap nari-nari bila dengar lagu 'move it move it' =D

chop! commercial break sikit

goshhh sejak akhir-akhir ni gila sungguh la membeli tiers =D and yes! i did bought this tiers setelah lama dok telek-telek kat kedai. bought it last 2 weeks. this tiers can hold smaller cake than the floating tiers. but it looke very elegant because of the scrolls around it.

i notice that some of u interested with this tiers. they are cheap compare the floating tiers. maybe u might say "haik apa pasal pulak murah. yang ni berkerawang bagai where as the other one just plain". reason, this tiers can only hold small cake, which are 10" (bottom), 8" (middle) and 6" (top). where as the floating tiers are 13"-14" (bottom), 1" -9" (middle) and 8"-6". u can get this tiers at wilton @ icca for only RM255 ke RM245. macam tu la. ive forgot the exact price =P

thinking of getting some more =P

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