Wednesday, February 27, 2008

.:project for this week part 3:.

kindda hook to my cuppies project and sometime i do think...why on earth i continue study in environment? why didnt i take proper course for baking and decorating. but then think again, tak pa la. doesnt mean u dah ada education yang lebih tinggi u cant bake right? my intention in doing this baking & decorating is just to fill up my leisure time.

these 2 orders were made by lin and she requested to have few cuppies with naruto on it. alamak. when ever customer request such order, i would ask my self, can i draw it properly? would they recognize what have i draw on the cuppies? so dear viewer, u judge my drawing ya. does they look like naruto?

can u spot naruto? he's smiling

there...naruto. does it look like naruto?

gosh... i like this one very much!

this is meen's order. she want to give to her colleague (i guess so. betul ke meen?). she mention to me that her frenz so intoo chocholate so i decided to do this! and to tell the truth, i also heart this set. for this chocky crazy cuppies, i have something to announce. but wait for the nexy entry.

the chocky crazy cuppies set

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