Monday, February 11, 2008

.:celebration part 2:.

jue from palace of justice repeat her order. but this time she ask for vanilla & choc cuppies with the writing as shown in the photos. one thing i heart these cuppies is the colour that i use. the violet+sky blue combo really make them 'alive'. to ernie zuraida, happy burfday and hope u enjoy the cuppies.

jue's order

next order is from ira. she ask me whether can she mix the flavor for the cheese cupcakes? the answer is yes BUT with few conditions :) and i am so happy to deco todays cheese cupcakes cause i can use my new choc duo curls! goshhh i really love the end product. and off course i do enjoy chit chatting with u ira. merasa la i pegang beg u tu *wink wink.

the carrot walnut

the new york cheese cuppies i alter the topping to choc ganache + choc powder since ira lurvesss choc!

the choc hazelnut cheese cuppies

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