Sunday, February 17, 2008

.:dear darling irdina's bash:.

finally.... its over. phewwww... too tired, too exhausted but too happy. who doesnt when u see ur own kids happy with what all u had done for their burfday bash rite? seeing her glowing face when the balloons arrive, omg! that the best moment i ever experience. im not going to tell that details bout her bash. enough said that we are super happy with everything tho it is small bash. im so happy with my task & manage to cook eventho without my mom that time. she manage to cook rendang to coupled with pulut kuning. the rest, i cook alone with miads help. special thanks to dear hubby (i know u also enjoy yesterday rite), beloved family (tho not all were there), my sister's maid and all frenz. i heart all of you. ur attendance the most valueble present to me & dear darling irdina. the best part, yippie, horray to me for making dear darling irdina's burfday cake wonderful. mind u, this is my 1st attempt in making such cake. to all, thank you very much!

the bottom layer, choc moist cake. at first i wanted to do the topsy turvy @ whimsical cake. but due to lack of time, i just make as below.....

my 1st attempt in making birthday cake using fondant.
bottom cake made from choc moist & top from carrot walnut

cake after been cut. can u spot the hole at the upper part? itu kerja irdina yg cucuk lilin. kes nak tiup lilin lagi

the texture....

the ambient... not only those kiddos excited when these balloons arrive, the mothers also!

those that i made by myself

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