Sunday, February 3, 2008

the first order for this month came from my sister. it is for adam, her eldest boy (1st grandson in my family) 4th birthday. and since this lil' boy a big fan of ultraman, the mother ask me to do the ultraman drawing. ehehehe guess i did that very perfect because he do the same action like my drawing! she also have to order extra cake for adam's sister, yaya. ini kes apa abang ada, adik pun mesti ada menda sama. if not, they will fight each other. the mother ask me to do identical cake. hehehhee sound funny okay. so here they are, choc moist cake, layered with choc ganache+blueberry fillings*. to adam, happy 4th birthday in advance. dont be so naughty ya.

for the sister

for the birthday boy who will turn 4 years old tomorrow

the choc moist cuppies

the size of these choc moist cake is 4 3/4 (d).
minimum order is 2 cakes.
price for 1 mini cake is RM25

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