Tuesday, December 4, 2007

.:fruit tarts & carrot walnut:.

shes my return customer, but this time she had fruit tarts. i did ask kak hali whats the time will she pick up her tarts since i dont want to prepare the filling easly (to avoid the 'shell' distroy). its very challenging to prepare within few hours. but alhamdullilah, i manage to finish all the tarts!

assorted fruit tarts

thanks to faridah @ mama norman & alicia. sorry for the very so so design of the carrot walnut as they (the cheese cream frosting) can easily 'melt' due to hot temperature exposure. and sorry again because i didnt manage to snap the photo of the cuppies before deliver since im was so 'kalut'. faridah, ur alicia sangat la adoreable & baik! we shud meet again so that i can hold ur littel lady.

credit goes to faridah since this is her photo

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