Tuesday, December 18, 2007

.:the wedding:.

last weekend the most hectic weekend for me. thou the order is not that much, but it does give me headache. for a first timer like me, the 200 cuppies are quite lot! *maklum le, akak tak pernah buat banyak-banyak skali gus kan :P but again, i really enjoy doing it so much as the mom and sister do help me! the order are chip choc and carrot walnut. i love the simple deco BUT i am so so so sadf. why? i forgot to snap not a single of the cuppies photo! maybe i am too tired that moment and forgot at all about that. but, i surely enjoy doing this job. may the couple live happily ever after. amin!

on the other part, i have received the books that i ordered! yippey. more and more flavor of the cuppies will be here soon!

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