Friday, December 21, 2007

.:last week:.

i received few orders last week. mostly from my return customer. to nadya, so sorry because i didnt manage to make the mini carrot walnut cake. i just manage to complete the cheese cuppies. sorry again sebab lupa sangat nk capture the cheese cuppies as im to tired. then erna order fruit tarts. she do told me that she dont want blueberry @ raisins to be include in the fruit tarts as her hubby didnt like it. so i just top with strawberry and kiwi. hey guys, if u want to order varieties of brownies, u can go to her website at here. oy dear me! her brownies look delicious and tomorrow, i will get mine! then yesterday, ina pick up her order while im away to celebrate eid adha at my pil's house. sorry ya ina i couldnt be there. she's also my return customer. this time she order mini chip choc cuppies for her bro's gift (hantaran). she only asked me to use transparent box and no need to deco. thank you ina!

the fruit tarts, ordered by erna

the mini chip choc in the golden box

simple deco as they will redeco it

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