Saturday, March 15, 2008

.:in mode of busy bee pt 1:.

i cant write that much for todays entry as im having flu & headache. to my valued customers, ira, ira's staff, shelly, ezan, marani, zaiton, liza, nur & hajar, thank you so much.

ira & her staff orders. thank you ira for ur endless support. and ur 'ali' soooo charming

the barbie+spongebob moist choc cake

ordered by shelly to her twins niece & nephew. she requested to draw brabie & sponge bob. i had no idea how to deco this cake at first. but during half way frosting it, the idea came. lucky me that i do have the disney princesses edible image. i just use it and the put those spongebob images around the cake.

and this is ordered by ezan for her friend (i guess so).

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