Monday, March 24, 2008

.:excuse me please:.

pathetic me ... sooooo lame. same excuse which is busy catching up my studies and due to that i cant write longer like usual. actually im in the middle of finishing some of the homework and suddenly i remember that i haven't update the latest so call creation of mine. thanks a lot to thoose who support me endlessly. i heart u guys so much. kak mus, jangan serik ek nak order dari saya. mintak maaf sesgt la if the deco to simple. to hasni & family, all the best in sudan. hows the bananarama? and thanks a lot to my return customer, shelly. really hope that your gynea happy to receive the cuppies.

simple deco for kak mus's mini carrot walnut

hasni's orders. the one with aeroplane is carrot walnut. selamat berangkat ke sudan ya!

this is for shellys's gynea. actually i took few hours to do these deco as i dont have specific idea what to suit the medic themes. the only thing i can draw is the stethoscope. wanted to draw syringe, but i feel awkward. i really hope shelly's gynea happy to received.

owh i really loves the small flowers. no, i didnt use any special nozzle to do so (yes there are nozzles to do this design but i dont have it). just use tip number 2 and repeat the procedure again & again. seriously i need to enhance my rose skill.

and this one, chocky crazy set is for herself. i will show one of the design that i really fork my a** out doing it. but every details of work really paid off as it turn as what i want.

this is it, curls that i made by myself and to make this curls really curls like this consume lots of time and effort. but once when i finish with it, dear me! i love it so much!

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