Saturday, March 1, 2008

.:bumble bee busy part 2:.

1st, sorry lin cause i didnt get the clear idea what is ur pinkish purple. if im not mistaken what i do understand from the colour ur show to me is called fuschia. am i rite lin? lin did give to me few designs that is from Shalia. but mine is not as nice as hers. thank you lin for traying the cuppies.

hasanul from Geranium Studio ordered orange cake for his father birthday. since he said that his father loves orange, so i used chocolate with orange flavour. happy birthday uncle! semoga panjang usia & murah rezeki dan di perlihara kesihatan.

this is orange sponge cake, layared with choc ganache and frosted with fresh cream. finished with orange & dark choc gurls and some fresh strawberry

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