Tuesday, March 18, 2008

.:colorful cuppies:.

ive been ask by jojet to do colorful theme for this time order. its a farewell party for their friend, marina. and since i dont have any idea on how to deco with colorful theme, i just did the swirl with lots of combo color. normally i didnt stick the letter stick by myself. i let the job done by themself. cause i know how eager to do so. but this time i did because they are having 'makan-makan sesi' in the morning. apart from that, she also order 1 mini carrot walnut and i love the outcome! sooo colorful and cheerful! to marina, good luck in ur new place.

the 'togel' version

and these cuppies are carrot walnut with cheese cream topping. tadi masuk kt fp sifoo and tak prasan plak ada entry cuppies dia mcm ni. secara kebetulan plak :D

the colorful cake!

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