Monday, June 11, 2012

.:My Baby 1st Year Contest:.

peace be upon u & hello

i've been silent from my blog for quite sometime. it's not because of i'm too busy but my very antique notebook decided to strike =( sedih okeh. i promised to announce winner for MyBaby1stYear contest early June right. i'm very sorry for being late. things happen beyong my control.

they are all cute! memang susah sangat la nak select who's the winner. 

Irish, DOB: 18.4.2011

Ayra Sofia, DOB: 6.8.2011

Naurah, DOB: 25.8.2011

Nur Aimy Zalikhaa, DOB: 9.8.2011

Damia Nur Qaisara, DOB: 9.8.2011

Ahmed Fahd Rifqi, DOB: 3.4.2011

Muhammad Dayyan Uqail, DOB: 7.4.2011


and the winner is .........

Nor Aimy Zalikhaa!!

mommy, please contact me via email ya.
thank you very much to those who participated in this contest  

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