Monday, November 14, 2011


peace be upon u & hello

dear all, i dah pindah ke kajang ya...somewhere near (actually belakang je) Impian Golf Club =P and still tengah dalam process nak unpack barang-barang. so kalau saya lambat reply mail, please text me & mention ur name & date of ur pick up.

btw, thats not the main point i nak inform in this entry. ada orang minta i advertisekan job vacancy and the payment is project basis. kiranya if ada project, ada la payment. criteria as below:

  • multimedia designer
  • student 
  • css
  • female
  • able to do website
  • shoping cart
  • willingly to work under pressure
for further information or nak tau dengan lebih jelas, sila drop email kat and dont forget to attach ur resume

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