Monday, August 3, 2009

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peace be upon u

1st, sorry to those yang menunggu bagai nak rak i reply ur mail/s. i've been very busy with personal matters lately. inshaAllah, by today i will clear up all the inbox mails. and yes, i will send out email to those ask for class.

yes, i do enjoy making these decos. seriously memang suka sangat, esp making those Chanel bags =P and how i wish i have one in my closet =P

to mimi, thank you ya and im so glad to know ur mom like it =)

p/s: btw, for a time being, my class will be on that stripe cake & cuppies. i tak de buat basic class cause dah ramai sangat yang buat basic class =) next class perhaps will be end of october there will only 6 seats. siapa yang berhajat, please send me emails and i will reply with all details.

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