Thursday, August 21, 2008

.:Zul & Awin's Wedding:.

both of them are my cousin =D yeah u read it right. both of them =D the groom is pak ngah's son and the bride is mak itam's daughter. all of us were so excited when been told that this couple agree on the arrangement. and everybody is looking forward to attend the reception. and of course the guest will be among our family members =D

on my part, being cake maker what else should i contribute other than cakes & cuppies. i made 400 cuppies, of course with mom's, sister's and maid's help. cause i need to concentrate more on the cake and decorating those cuppies. very tiring but im so happy and please with the end product. and this 3tiers cake is the simplest deco i ever made. to zul & awin, congratulations form all of us!

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