Saturday, August 2, 2008

.:cakes & cuppies:.

must admit, me running out of sense in writing. its not me being lazy but currently in to attach with my school works. maklum la budak sekolah. when i say i close in accepting any orders till mid of sept, didint mean my 'oven tak berasap'. they did! so here are some of the end product.

dyla, is it ur burfday? is yes, happy 27th burfday dear!

and i guess its also ur 3rd anni kan? double celebration dear. hope u guys live happily ever after =D

im not so sure for whom ainoor ordered this cake. but definitely its for syafiq!
to syafiq, happy burfday!

owhhh i love thsi cake too much. its a vanilla sponge cake, frosted with fresh cream and filled with strawberries! the taste?? heaven. but it wasnt for me. its for a cousin of mine. the cake were deco with edible image of mariposa BUT sadly. i forgot to snap the final product *sob sob

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