Sunday, August 24, 2008

.:happy birthday everyone!:.

running out of time. can write too long. those are for last week. to all, happy birthday!!

julie, iman's mama, ordered cake with superhero theme. since i cant find any edible image of superman at my favorite baking supply shop, i decide just to draw the logo (julie dah kasik permission awal-awal pun utk guna the logo). i dont want to order the customize edible image since it will increase the cost of the cake (mind you, this cake is small, around 7"). beside this cake, julie also order a box of mini cuppies. and chima also order a box of mini cuppies and how silly me forgot to snap the photo. thanks julie & chima

and this one ordered by farah for her hubby. hehehehe farah datang nak tengok bunga api erk =P apa-apa pun, im glad that ur surprise cake menjadi =) thanks farah!

pardon the photo quality. still cant get the rhythm of the new toy =( this one ordered by kak ton for her daughter. hope the birthday girl happy to get a box of this cuppies. thanks kak ton!

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