Wednesday, April 30, 2008

.:heating up my engine:.

after yesterday, alhamdullilah. i manage to get back to my track. to shue (MeCD), lieya (MOH) and sab's frenz (MOE), thank you so much. i heart u guys. to lieya, akak owe you something. nnt akak sms lieya and lieya amik dari akak yer. hope ur mom will be happy to see those cuppies. most important, i really really hope they survive through out the journey. have safe journey lieya. next sab's frenz. weh merasa aku naik kereta idaman aku tu. kalo tak kerana ko tolong nak antokan aku ke MOE, tak tau bila bleh naik kereta tu =D paling cuak... sib baik tak terserempak dgn bekas boypren aku tu *LOL. last, to shue. i am so glad that u are happy to have such cuppies. hope taurus babies enjoy eating those carrot walnut as much as i enjoy deco it.

this is lieya's order. for her mom birthday. hope all of them survive along the journey

sab's friends, choc moist. when it comes to men, im totally outta idea. what to draw??

the cats & golf theme by shue for taurus babies

since i make extra for todays order, i decide to do on fast sale. but i didnt manage to make advertisement on it because all of them have been grab earlier by previous customer. thank you jojet, ema & friends. thank you so much for endless support.

photos above are the fast sale cuppies. for the rosettes, they are inspired by seafrost @ nina


dear valued clients and viewer, due to time constrain, i am so sorry to announce that from now on, epsecially this in may, who ever place order for for engagement or wedding with box, i will sub it to my friend, Su. you guys can view her works at here, which i highly recommend it. no worries okay. u can give me ur budget and i will forward it to Su and she will come out deco within to ur budget. and u no need to go to Su's place as i will take the box from her. But those who already place ur orders in may, i will ask Su to come out deco same price like i use to charge. thank you.

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