Saturday, February 25, 2012

.:cinderella wedding:.

peace be upon u & hello

normally when saeidah place order with me, im a tad nervous but at the same time im excited. because she always challenge my creativity (which i like it the most. at least berjalan sikit otak ni nak berfikir) and at the same time, i learn new thing too. remember the1st sleeping beauty hantaran cake? that was her engagement cake =) and for her wedding, she go for this kindda cake...cinderella carriage. 2 small carriages and 1 big carriage, for cinderella of course =)

thank you so much dear!

p/s: btw, im thinking nak buat contest and of course prize will be cake. but this one specifically untuk those yang ada anak who will turn 1 year old =) so just wait and see. will make announcement once i get the whole idea =D

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