Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.:sara's tea party:.

peace be upon u

its public holiday today...according to Islam calendar, today is 12th rabiulawal and its our Prophet SAW (pbuh) was born today.

last weekend, was sara's tea party and she's the daughter to azza, my junior during my primary school and also the owner to Chomel Craft. i would say azza always come out with fresh & vibrant ideas when it comes to sara's birthday. this year, she pick tea garden party and it was awesome (sadly i cant attend due to mom's operation).

and the best thing is, its a huge collaboration between us. as u all know among us there is cake maker, photographer, party planner, event organizer and many more. tak rugi kalau ada ramai kawan macam ni because we help each other.

below are the list of people who involve in this party with their link =)

and to my dear friends (hana, nini,erna, yana and others) i guna gambar korang ya.

so sara, happy 6th birthday dear. u are so lucky to have such creative mom!

1. photographer = julie @ phatdivamama
2. party planner = alin from dear azalea and zatul from creativegeniusprint
3. card board signage (hand made) = zam from namizam itu aku
4. pinata = ja
5. location = laman kasih @ kuang, sg buloh
6. game organizer = norlie from sekocinorlie

nanti kalau ada yang i tertinggal, i will up date. feel free to browse the links =)

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