Monday, April 12, 2010

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peace be upon u

thanks emi!

A Lil' Note @ Reminder:
i dont know where to start @ how to put in a good words. cause im sucks in writing. memang sungguh tak tahu nak menulis. but here we go... at least u try my best.

dear valued customer, i really appreciate cooperation from u guys. once when u email to me & i h ave replied ur mails, please follow up with me. meaning, if u guys didnt received any emails about confirmation from me @ u guys confirm want to engage me as ur cake@cupcakes maker, please contact me. ive include my handphone number along in the email.

jangan la berdiam diri, sampai waktu date yang u guys request to pick up, baru nak contact i. please bear in mind, yang i didnt take any deposit @ advance payment. therefore, like ive mentioned in blog, 3 days before the pick up date, please sms me as finale confirmation @ a gentle reminder to me.

thank you so much

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