Sunday, November 23, 2008


peace be upon u

after almost a year involve in this line, mom's friends just discover that i am cake maker. i was a bit nervous when it come to dad's @ mom's friend. ye la ... mau tak takut. and last 2 weeks aunty azi came to house and order 3 tiers wedding cake. she choose choc moist as the flavor and purple as theme. i was a bit knock out but lucky that day i didnt take any order (suppose to be my rest day). i was planning to use fresh flowers but i'm a bit late to the florist as they already used all the white roses. tak kan nak carnation je semua kan. nak ke petaling street, memang dah too late. so here i am .. pening kepala fikirkan nak deco cemana. like it or not, i've to use roses BUT with different assembles. ni yang susah ni. alhamdulllah, the idea suddenly blooming in my mind =) but im a bit frust as i didnt manage to snap the cakes on the floating tiers. will ask aunty azi la nanti. to aunty azi, thank you =)

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