Sunday, July 6, 2008

.:the overdue entry pt 1:.

i know lately im not consistent in updating this blog. forgive me. it seems like time passing by very fast! sedar-sedar the whole week almost end. haihhhh. so many things to do but so little time we have. but again, be it 25 hours in a day or more, i soooo sure some of us will want more right =P human satisfaction is something difficult to handle with. haiyoo apa melalut ni. okay .... okay. back to the track =P

this is an adhoc order. its for raznita's father, a surprise party. due to time constrain, this is the best i could do. tho there are lots of idea pop in my mind. but i really cant spend much time on this. but i glad to know that they approved the taste!

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