Monday, August 12, 2013

.:the engagement:.

peace be upon u & hello

5th Syawal today & i bet some of us already back to work right. well, im still at parent's house & only will be back to Kajang by today. inshaAllah, im back to work within this week too. therefore, kindly look at date that i'm available when placing order.

actually, this is not the highlight for this entry. i nak cerita mengenai my sister punya engagement. tak la grand mana pun kan but i really want to share with all of u about this team. they are superb in doing their work. who else kalau bukan Aleng Tohara & SharulAimer. u guys boleh browse di sini. remember Dr Sheikh Muszaphar' wedding? haaa dia la the MUA. Aleng dah lama actually work very close with cosry butik, calvin thoo & banyak la. meanwhile, Sharul's magic touch, memang awesome la. suka tengok gambar-gambar dia.

so di sini, saya attached few photos hasil kerja this team. 

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