Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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peace be upon u & hello

end of the year is synonym with wedding right? i guess some of u guys would tie the knot either getting engage or married. so hear this.... hes very very talented guy. he did miracle with his fingers, be it make up artist, wedding planner @ even in taking photographs. hes name is ALENG. u can view his awesome magical touch at here ALENG. but im not very sure if he still got many available slot for this year but no harm right if u guys ask. mana nak tau, rezeki. trust me, u guys would never regret if appoint him as ur make up artist. berbaloi-baloi. he do work closely with pak abu too =) and yes yes, he's the one did the make up for dr halina & dr sheikh muszaphar. eh the best way, add him la at his face book la. so that u guys can view more and more of his photos

by the way, i've one thing that i want to let u guys know. i dah banyak kali dapat request from client yang nak buat deco from buttercream but they give contoh for the deco yang diperbuat daripada fondant. and i've told them again and again and again  that the final result will never be the same. please dont  tell me that the cake didnt meet ur expectation when i already told u the consequences.

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