Sunday, October 10, 2010


peace be upon u

wasnt feel very well. bila malam je, mula la mata rasa panas. and seriously i feel very weak. danggg, when will i get new maid. the well trained maid agency dint supply indonesian maid nowdays and its kindda difficult for me to get one. sumpah rasa nak pitam. its not that i cant do the house chores but after being pampered by umi for 4 lovely years, tetiba kena buat sendiri semua, amik ubat. sampai blister teruk tangan bila kena mop lantai dapur =(

and when it comes to baking and cake thingy, things getting worst. the orders keep on piling (alhamdulillah, thank you very much to all of u), but the hardest part is to clean up all the mess. normally after doing my part, umi will clean it up for me. now, no more. have to do it all by myself.

apart from that, my email has gone haywire. sumpah rasa pening kepala tengok. those who really need to contact me, u guys can sms me (i prefer sms rather than call) @ 0172001135.

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