Thursday, October 15, 2009

.:another year wiser:.

peace upon u

i almost forgot that my journey in this baking & decorating world soon gonna mark another year. which will be 2 years. how time fly so fast! too many to learn yet to little chance and time to have it all..besides $$ that need to spend on such courses. punya la angan-angan =P but hey, semua pun bermula dari angan-angan kan. then from there, develop la jadi kenyataan =)

alhamdulillah, this year another achievement i've achieve. out of three offered by PME professional diploma course, i manage to have one =) inshaAllah next year, i will attend the rest!! bersemangat waja neh!

i wish i to share the story how i get involve in this baking & decorating thing but tak de idea nak tulis pulak. somemore, nanti 1001 malam punya hikayat pun kalah dek berjela-jela =P so shortcut, tak de jalan shortcut nak reach to this level yang masih tak seberapa ni.

to my beloved family, (mama, abah, adik-adik), inche suami yang penyabar, my checky chubby daughter, my friends cum my customer, my earlierst customer, my loyal customer, my loyal viewer and who ever you are, THANK YOU so much! thank you soooo much.

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